This initial blog post will be about what an individual should do prior to the beginning of their training for any sort of running race.  There is a lot of mental and physical preparation that goes into racing competitively; however, there is a lot of prep-work that goes into beginning your training.  When I am planning on training for a race there are a few questions that I need to ask myself to get started:

  1. How long is the race that you are training for? (i.e. 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon)
  2. What goals do you have set for yourself?
    1. What would you like your average mile to be?
    2. What would you like your finish time to be?
    3. What pacer marker would you like to start at?
    4. What place would you like to finish in?
  3. How long do you need to prepare for the race based on those goals?
  4. What diet are you looking to have while training?

Although these are only a few of the questions that I ask myself before training for any race, they are important to understand going into training for any length.  To understand how long the training needs to be and what goals need to be set, I would recommend doing some research on what average times may look like for first time racers.  This will help you set goals that can be obtainable by you and will give you a positive running experience.

To begin training, one simply cannot begin running three to four miles.  The following list are recommendations as to how to begin your training:

  1. Create a consistent workout schedule and FOLLOW IT.
  2. Stretch before each training session.
  3. Have a mix of running and cross training to increase endurance and physical ability.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids prior to, and throughout the workout.
  5. Eat small before and large after. (Have a good snack prior to your workout and eat a larger meal after to gain back lost calories.
  6. Pace yourself to your goals. (Do not rush your training).

I hope that some of these tips are helpful for preparing to train for a race.  In my next blog post, I will update you on what I have done over the past few weeks to train for my marathon that I am running in June and give more helpful tips to better your training.


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