Training on a daily/weekly basis can be a routine for some, but an uphill battle for most.  As mentioned in my previous blog posts, there is a lot more that goes into training for a competitive race than just running two miles every day from now until race day.  In this particular blog post, I will discuss a few tips that may help you mentally prepare for a weekly workout, as well as what an individual training for a race should do in the closing weeks to get the best out of their run.  Additionally, I will talk about some dietary tips that can help get through the fourth, fifth, and sixth miles.

There are a few mental routines that I do on a weekly basis to help prepare for a long distance race.  The following list will help with keeping in the right mindset for competition.

  1. If you are planning on working on a daily basis, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. This will not only keep the body refreshed, but will provide a healthy mindset while working out.
  2. Take a bath once a week instead of showering. This will give you time to unwind and provide a comfortable setting to get away from outside distractions.
  3. Read a book or magazine during downtime. This will keep your mind sharp and focused.
  4. Watch healthy competition. Find a sport that you can enjoy watching to create a competitive mindset.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids outside of the workout. The body becomes drained, especially outside of the workout, so staying hydrated is imperative to keeping a mental mind sharp.

Touching on that last point from the previous list, there are a lot of dietary guidelines that one should follow in preparation for a big race. Since there is a lot of research that is out on this topic, feel free to do personal research to fit the training schedule.  Two tips that have worked well for me is that I have drank at least one gallon of water per day, and limit my carbohydrate intake to only one meal per day.  Additionally, eat a good meal after your workout to recuperate the calories lost in workout.  As mentioned, there are a lot of dietary tips out on the internet, so make sure an appropriate diet is chosen.

Good luck with the next few weeks of working out!


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